Welcome to our experimental agroforestry project growing fruit, flowers and community in Stroud.

Local, organic, biodynamic

News and notes from the orchard

Emergency measures

It was a bit like finding myself on the scene of a whodunnit crime. There I was, innocently checking the nursery beds, expecting to stroll through, happily admiring the work we’d done the week before. But the more I looked, the more certain I became that someone had been eating our precious baby trees. At…

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Scythe work

We have been a bit alarmed at the rate of growth in the orchard. The docks are already threatening to get way out of hand, and it’s only April. In September last year we sowed a special grass clover ley, with a mix of many grass species, a high proportion of clover, and a few…

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The past couple of Sundays we’ve been creating a nursery at the farm. Not for kids, but for baby trees. We’re working on a long term plan to expand the orchard beyond the current pilot phase, and for that we’re going to need more trees. Lots more trees. We’ve ordered 100 organic apple rootstock for…

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